Calgary private parties for families or corporate events are improved through our selection of murder mysteries, game shows and improv comedy while our team building workshops and employee training programs help local companies to grow.

Calgary Corporate Team Building Events, Banquets and Private Parties

If you have a group looking for quality Calgary corporate event, banquet and private party entertainment, look no further than THEY improv to get you what you need in Alberta!

Whether you'd enjoy an improv comedy, interactive game show or murder mystery dinner, THEY improv can provide you with a Calary private party, corporate event or murder mystery dinner that will help you succeed beyond your expectations!


We bring a great selection of programs for your needs!

murder mystery

Murder Mysteries

Our cast of detectives, mysterious suspects and plots are customized to our clients at venues of their choosing. We have different approaches to fit almost any group.

game shows

Game Shows

We engage the competitive spirit by challenging audience members to do battle in front of their friends and coworkers. Ask us about your particular needs and we can come up with a version for you.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy Shows

Improvisational comedy is a great way to have an ensemble entertain your group in a relaxed atmosphere. We can use this to get people laughing and having a shared experience.

talk shows

Talk Shows

A slightly more formal approach for larger groups can be a talk show to discuss issues of importance or simply put people on the spot to provide humor.

team building

Team Building Workshops

Getting employees to work together while potentially training for specific skill sets is what we do. Allow us to analyze your needs and come up with a plan!



From Scavenger Hunts to Mini-Olympiads or other group activities, we have a selection of programs that can get people working together in unique ways.

THEY improv is a leader in training and bonding for multi-national companies and provides improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options for a variety of groups and gatherings throughout Alberta.


For families, this can take the form of celebrations for graduations, birthdays, Sweet 16, reunions, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, and just about any other type of joyous occasion.

family friendly
living rooms


Besides the great restaurants and hotels, THEY improv can come directly into your home. This can provide the most intimate of options for your amusement for family gatherings or an out of the office evening of bonding. This opens whole new ideas and possibilities that you might not have even considered.

All of these forms are excellent ways to boost the morale at meetings and incentives awards gatherings providing new ways to get people to work together for team building while showing your appreciation for their hard work. Whether you are looking for employee recognition, an office holiday party, Halloween or Christmas gift exchange, Boxing Day or simply a good time, we have ideas that can help your organization with its bonding. 

oil derrick

Oil Industry Safety Programs!
Oil is a major industry here. THEY improv has earned a reputation by working with the oil industry in a variety of locations for some of the largest in the industry. This knowledge truly provides a unique skillset that others in our industry simply do not possess. With THEY Safety Training programs, we're able to bring our experience through to serve your company. Whether its for drilling, pipeline workers, safety engineers or executives, THEY improv has a program that can prove useful to you.

Support the Arts! 
Calgarians enjoy a broad range of arts and support the community strongly. With such a diverse exchange of cultures, it's no wonder that the performances reflect the eclectic mix of performers.

There is easy access through the city on the C-Train. With such ease of transit, there are a lot of festivals and nightlife is hopping. Combined with great sports of the Stampeders and the Flame, there is no shortage of things to do.

The people here are hard working and enjoy having a good time. THEY improv has a variety of programs that can adjust to the people attending our events and can work to give everyone a great time.


Dealing with various cultures and having employees recognize each other as human beings as opposed to stereotypes is a key to helping employees one. THEY improv has programs that can prove useful to you to get your employees to bond.

THEY Have Worked With Over Half of the Fortune 500!

We have helped some of the most successful companies in the world to become even better! Why not call on THEY improv to bring programs that are geared to help you succeed?


The Stampede!
The annual event draws people from all around the world to Calgary, turning all eyes to the city.

It is much more than just a sporting event and far beyond the entertainment that comes with it. It is something that defines the hard work, spirit and strength of the people here.

The Mounties!

The Canadian Mounties are far more than just a police force or tourist attraction. The RCMP protect and serve the community, stand as a symbol for law and order on the prairie, and fight back the forces looking to do harm. They may wear the Red Serge, but they take enforcement seriously.

cmp mounties

THEY improv is proud to serve the entire city including the Downtown Commercial Core, Beltline, Rivers District, Chinatown and the Entertainment District and just about everywhere you can think of nearby including Banff and Lake Louise.

We have a site focused on helping your company!






There is a lot more to the city than the Stampede and we can help companies to grow.



The oil industry is in the lifeblood and the city continues to expand into many industries.

medicine hat


Gas is a major industry in the area and safety and employee training are constants.



The resort is a popular retreat for corporations looking to work away from the office.